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Lynda Randle – God On the Mountain [Full Album]


Download Lynda Randle God On the Mountain Album: Lynda Randle, a renowned gospel music artist from the United States, has released an impressive studio album titled God On the Mountain.

In 2005, Lynda Randle, a prominent American gospel singer, released her album “God On the Mountain.” The album comprises 14 tracks that showcase her dexterous vocal abilities and her deep devotion to God. Each song is a testament to the power of faith, the comfort of grace, and the beauty of God’s love.

The title track, “God On the Mountain,” sets the tone for the album. It is a soulful ballad that speaks to the trials and tribulations of life and how God’s presence can provide comfort and strength during difficult times. The song is a reminder that even when we cannot see a way out of our troubles, God is always with us, and He can move mountains if we trust in Him.

List Of Tracks: God On the Mountain By Album By Lynda Randle

Track Number Tracks
1. God On the Mountain
2. Someday Loves Me
3. One Day At a Time
4. He Will Carry You
5. Until I Found the Lord
6. That’s What Jesus Means To Me
7. Since Jesus Passed By
8. There’s Power In the Blood
9. Give Them All To Jesus
10. I Will Serve Thee
11. Soon and Very Soon
12. The Only Real Peace
13. On My Way On My Own
14. It’s All Right