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Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2021

Country: Nigeria

Category: Gospel Songs

‘Everything That Was Lost Shall Be Returned Unto Me’ carries a profound message of restoration and renewal. Through its lyrics, Apostle Joshua Selman speaks of the assurance that what was once lost or taken away will be restored in due time. The song serves as a reminder that despite hardships or setbacks, there is hope for a brighter future and a divine plan for restoration in every aspect of life.

Apostle Joshua Selman’s 2021 release, ‘Everything That Was Lost Shall Be Returned Unto Me,’ is a powerful anthem of hope and restoration. With its uplifting lyrics, empowering melodies, and heartfelt delivery, the song inspires listeners to embrace faith and anticipate the restoration of all that was lost. Apostle Joshua Selman’s musical artistry shines through in this inspiring composition, leaving a lasting impact on those who seek encouragement and renewed hope.

In 2021, Apostle Joshua Selman, a renowned spiritual leader, released a powerful and uplifting song titled ‘Everything That Was Lost Shall Be Returned Unto Me.’ This inspiring composition serves as a beacon of hope, reminding listeners of the restoration that comes from faith and perseverance. With his heartfelt vocals and empowering lyrics, Apostle Joshua Selman breathes life into the song, instilling a renewed sense of faith and expectation.

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Video: Apostle Joshua Selman – Everything That Was Lost Shall Be Returned Unto Me

Everything That Was Lost Shall Be Returned Unto Me Lyrics By Apostle Joshua Selman