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Were you unable to attend today’s Koinonia Abuja Service on July 2, 2023, titled “THE MENTALITY OF A VICTOR” by Apostle Joshua Selman? Here are some key points before you download the sermon:

Humanity consists of three parts: the spirit, the soul (which includes the mind), and the body. The difference between the spirit and the soul lies in the presence of the mind. Without a functioning mind within the soul, the spirit becomes disconnected from the physical body. The mind acts as a bridge, connecting the essential components of the spirit and the soul. A soul is essentially a conscious spirit intertwined with the mind. It is through this fusion that the spirit and body can operate effectively.

To be considered “human,” certain requirements must be met: you must possess a spirit, that spirit must inhabit a physical body, and there must be the presence of a soulical faculty, which includes the will, emotions, and intellect.

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Video: Apostle Joshua Selman – The Mentality Of A Victor