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Download Christina Shusho – Hararat Full Album

Album Artist: Christina Shusho

Album Title: Hararat Full Album

Released Year: 2023

Country: Tanzania

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 25 Tracks

Download Christina Shusho Hararat Album: Christina Shusho released her dexterous studio album “Hararat” after a few thriving releases. The new offering was released under the her own imprint.

Hararat is a great and well-curated body of work that is made of contemporary gospel music genre. It compiles a number of twenty-five tracks and features guest appearances from Benjamin Weston, Madam Flora, Mercy Masika, Aaron K, Jestina Kingsleys, Ikupa Mwambenja, José Nzita, Moïse Swana, Ecad Choir Lubumbashi, Anitha Musoki,  Alarm Ministry and others whose individual services are generally acknowledged.

Christina Shusho is a renowned Tanzanian gospel singer, songwriter, and performer. She was born on November 12, 1983, in Kigoma, Tanzania.

Christina Shusho started her music career in 2003 and released her first album, “Kitu Gani,” in 2005. The album was a huge success and earned her a nomination for the Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Awards. She continued to release more albums over the years, including “Unikumbuke” (2007), “Nipe Macho” (2008), “Akutendee Nini” (2011), and “Ushirika na Roho” (2013).

Check the full tracks below!!!

List Of Tracks: Hararat Album By Christina Shusho

  1. Intro
  2. Hararat
  3. Agano
  4. Fertilizer
  5. Kaa
  6. Kando Ya Mito
  7. Mboni
  8. Nikigusa
  9. Nimekuja Kukushukuru
  10. Niponye
  11. Nimekupata Wangu
  12. Nakupenda
  13. Password
  14. Kazi
  15. Twasize Byose ft Alarm Ministry
  16. Kolela te ft Ecad Choir Lubumbashi
  17. Okanisi Ngayi ft Moïse Swana
  18. Senjela ft José Nzita
  19. Tulia ft Ikupa Mwambenja
  20. Asante Baba ft Jestina Kingsleys
  21. Napepea ft Aaron K
  22. Sadjola ft Anitha Musoki
  23. Rebecca ft Mercy Masika
  24. Namjua ft Madam Flora
  25. Mimi Ni Nani ft Benjamin Weston