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Deitrick Haddon and Unity Praise – This Is My Story [Full Album]


Deitrick Haddon & Unity Praise’s 1998 album, “This Is My Story,” stands as a timeless testament to the power of gospel music in transforming hearts and souls. With 21 soul-stirring songs packed into a concise 54-minute package, this album takes listeners on an uplifting journey through the depths of faith, hope, and devotion. From the spirited choir harmonies to Deitrick Haddon’s emotive vocals, every note resonates with an unshakable sense of conviction and spiritual fervor.

“This Is My Story” showcases Haddon’s remarkable ability to blend contemporary R&B and gospel elements seamlessly, creating a sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners. The album’s songs are a fusion of heartfelt ballads, energetic praise anthems, and soulful melodies, each carrying a unique message of salvation and redemption. Two decades after its release, “This Is My Story” continues to inspire and uplift, proving that gospel music, when delivered with sincerity and passion, has an enduring power to touch the human soul.

List Of Tracks: This Is My Story Album By Deitrick Haddon and Unity Praise

1. Welcome

2. Fire

3 Story 1 (Just a Vessel)

4. The Potter

5. Story 2 (Inside The Man and His Ministry)

6. This Is My Story

7. Don’t Let Me Fall

8. Story 3 (The Difference)

9. Rise and Be Healed

10. Story 4 (Sharing The Gift)

11. Holy, Holy

12. We Welcome You

13. My Soul

14. Sweeter

15. Good Fight of Faith

16. Receive Our Praise

17. Story 5 (The Inspiration)

18. Outpour

19. Story 6 (The Man and His Message)

20. Welcome You (Reprise)

21. The Crew