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Deitrick Haddon – Let Me Go


“Let Me Go” is a heartfelt and emotionally charged track by Deitrick Haddon, featured in his 2008 album, “Revealed.” This song delves into the themes of liberation and surrender, exploring the idea of letting go of personal burdens and entrusting one’s life to a higher power.

The song’s message revolves around the concept of recognizing our limitations and the desire to release the struggles and challenges that weigh us down. “Let Me Go” is a heartfelt prayer, expressing the longing for freedom and a sense of spiritual liberation.

“Let Me Go” transcends being just a gospel track; it’s a stirring plea for release and surrender to a greater purpose. Deitrick Haddon’s ability to convey such profound emotions through his music makes “Let Me Go” a moving and inspirational addition to the “Revealed” album, encouraging all who listen to find solace and freedom in letting go and placing their trust in a higher power.

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