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Gateway Worship – Completely Abandoned [Full Album]


Download Gateway Worship Completely Abandoned Album: Gateway Worship, the American gospel band hailing from Texas, has recently revealed their upcoming album, “Completely Abandoned”. This highly anticipated release features a collection of 13 inspiring and captivating tracks that are sure to leave listeners feeling fulfilled and renewed.

Gateway Worship has been making waves in the gospel music scene for years, and their latest album, “Completely Abandoned”, is sure to be no exception. With 13 tracks that are both musically and spiritually uplifting, this album is a must-have for fans of the genre.

One of the standout tracks on the album is the title track, “Completely Abandoned”. This song speaks to the idea of surrendering oneself entirely to God’s will, letting go of the need for control and trusting in his plan. With a powerful chorus and moving lyrics, this track is sure to resonate with listeners on a deep level.

Another standout track is “My Help“, which is a celebration of the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. This song encourages listeners to take a step back and appreciate the world around them, recognizing the hand of God in everything from the stars in the sky to the flowers in the field.

Nonetheless, In a world where so much music is focused on materialism and self-indulgence, Gateway Worship’s “Completely Abandoned” is a refreshing reminder of the power and beauty of gospel music.

List Of Tracks: Completely Abandoned Album By Gateway Worship

Track Number Tracks
1. Here In Your House (feat. John Michael Howell) [Live]
2. My Help (Live)
3. Completely Abandoned (feat. Tracy Pratt) [Live]
4. I Just Love You (feat. Zac Rowe) [Live]
5. I Just Love You (Spontaneous) [feat. Zac Rowe] [Live]
6. Behold Him Now (feat. Anna Byrd) [Live]
7. All I Want (feat. Michael Bethany) [Live]
8. Abba (Live)
9. If We Don’t Have You (feat. Maddison Serban) [Live]
10. We Are Longing (Spontaneous) [feat. Maddison Serban] [Live]
11. So Worthy (feat. David Mwonga & Lauren Mwonga) [Live]
12. There Is No One (Spontaneous) [feat. David Mwonga & Lauren Mwonga] [Live]
13. I Need You (feat. Jessie Harris) [Live]