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Who is Daps?

Daps’s full name is Dalyop Godwin Gwom, born June 26, 1975. He comes from a God-fearing home and grew up with a deep interest and passion for music. Daps is a multi-instrumentalist, a Nigerian from a tribe called Berom from the Plateau state, who has been influenced by ethnic sounds like the xylophone and traditional harp and has developed his own unique style of fusion and music called “xylo-fro”. Daps is also a registered artist who has around four credited albums to Fadlallah, Murna, Rhythm of Fear, Heavenly Worship, Shofar Africa (with Manna Music) and is currently working on the new Manna Music CD.

DAPS is a versatile producer and song writer that has about 4,000 unreleased songs. He also is a master in epic motion picture sound trackS and has produced numerous films among which three have been nominated for African Movie Academy awards (AMAA AWARDS),SITANDA,WHITE WATER AND SYNDY’S NOTE.
DAPS has produced master piece radio and TV commercials, soap operas and has influenced and produced a lot of international artistes, like Margaret Motsage,(South Africa)GOGO, BOla ADEBISI, RANKING DEEZEED and SHAJAFY and so many others with his XYLO-FRO MUSIC REVOLUTION. His music influence have been artistes like Paul Wilbur, Don Moen, ETC.