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Learn How To Sing In Key Effortlessly

Are you looking to learn how to sing in key?

If you want to become excellent at singing in perfect tune, then pay attention to the tips on this page.

Singing in key comes down to two key things.

1.Realizing when you are in key.

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2.Realizing when you are not in key.

It’s actually that simple!

Once you know the answer to these

two questions, it’s much easier to make corrections and sing in key much more consistently.

A great way to learn a lot about your singing, and whether you are staying in key or not is to record yourself singing. This sounds really simple, but it’s very powerful.

When you actually hear yourself come in and out of tune, you learn a lot about what you’re doing, and how you can correct it.

A good exercise is to sit at a piano with a recorder going, and then hit a random note. The split second you hear the note, try and sing it perfectly in tune. Once you hear you are singing in tune, hit another random note and sing that one.

Once you’ve finished around five minutes of this, play back the tape and listen to the exercise.

After doing this five minute exercise for a week or two, you will notice yourself becoming much more accurate with your pitch.

The other thing you can do to learn how to sing in key, is learn the skill of perfect pitch and relative pitch. These skills will allow you to become an expert listener, and you will be able to immediately tell if you are singing in tune or not.

You will find the best training to learn these skills at:

You Must Hear Your Voice To Sing On Key

The other important factor to hitting your notes in tune is you need to be able to hear your voice, and exactly what pitch it is on.

The best way for improving your ear for pitch is to focus your hearing to the middle of your forehead.

If you listen carefully to the notes right in your forehead, you will begin to hear exactly what note you are hittingHow to sing on key ( Easy steps) How to sing on key ( Easy steps)

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