Download Wa Mbuela Tk Zamar Tk Cairo Worship Addicts Takesure Zamar Ncube

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Track Title: Wa Mbuela Tk Zamar Tk Cairo Worship Addicts

Uploaded: 2022

Category: Zimbabwe Gospel Songs

Wa mbuela | Tk Zamar | Tk Cairo | Worship Addicts | Takesure Zamar Ncube

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Lyrics and translation: Wa mbuela

Verse 1
Wa mmbuela o ntiba maswiswi
(you came for me when I was overshadowed by darkness)

Wa mphalala (you saved me)

Ha sa da tshedza ndi do guma fhi? (if light doesn’t come where will I end?)

WO nndata-naa? (have you forsaken me?)

U fare tshanḓa tsha o kundwaho (hold up the hand of the defeated).
U vhonetshele o khukhulwaho (enlighten the one whose foot have stumbled)

Wa mbuela

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Wa mbuela | Tk Zamar | Tk Cairo | Worship Addicts | Takesure Zamar Ncube

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About this masterpiece

Fecund Gospel music minister, and multi-talented envoy of God, drops this latest masterpiece amazingly JustGospel have it for you to download this year 2022.
As a commentary on this masterpiece, JustGospel Media says: "It is a Gospel piece God gave during a fellowship moment, which reminds us of a privilege we have received as a man to call him by his name “Jesus Christ” which means the the one who saves, it has blessed me in so many ways and I pray it blesses you too."

A Piece Every Believer Should Have

Minister of God to men, the award-winning singer comes through with the official visual for this latest hit masterpiece. You can watch the nostalgic visual below.
The multi-talented minister invites the host of Heaven to join us on the release of this piece.
This is a Gospel piece that talks about God’s love and the desire to get drenched in it, it’s a cry every Christian can relate with. It is a demonstration that acknowledges God as the all-powerful and incomparable One with the ultimate authority.