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Released Year: 2020

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 12 Tracks

Hillsong Worship, a highly influential and productive Christian music group, launched their latest album “Take Heart (Again)” in 2020. The album features 12 powerful tracks that are certain to elevate listeners’ spirits and encourage their hearts globally.

The album’s title track, “Take Heart”, is a beautiful reminder that in the midst of our struggles, we can find hope and comfort in Jesus. The music is uplifting and powerful, and the lyrics are filled with wisdom, hope, and encouragement.

“Take Heart (Again)” is a beautiful and inspiring album that is sure to resonate with anyone who is seeking to deepen their faith and draw closer to God. Whether you’re looking for a new worship album to listen to during your daily commute or you need some inspiration to get through a tough time, “Take Heart (Again)” is a must-have for any Christian music fan.

List of Tracks: Take Heart (Again) by Hillsong Worship

1. Hosanna DOWNLOAD
2. For Those Who Are To Come DOWNLOAD
3. New Wine DOWNLOAD
4. Heart of God DOWNLOAD
5. I Surrender DOWNLOAD
6. Selah / All My Life DOWNLOAD
7. Take Heart (MMXX) DOWNLOAD
8. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) / Life DOWNLOAD
9. Who You Say I Am DOWNLOAD
10. Highs & Lows DOWNLOAD
11. Eagle’s Wings DOWNLOAD 
12. Still / P E A C E DOWNLOAD