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Released Year: 2022

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 10 Tracks

Hillsong Worship is one of the most influential worship bands in the world. Their latest album, Team Night, is a powerful collection of songs that will inspire and uplift listeners. The album features 10 tracks that showcase the band’s signature sound, which is a blend of contemporary Christian music and rock.

The album kicks off with the energetic and upbeat song “Let’s Go,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album. This song is an invitation to join in worship and to celebrate the goodness of God.

Other standout tracks on the album include “Breathe/Rest,” “Fresh Wind,” and “King of Glory.” “Breathe/Rest” is a beautiful, meditative song that encourages listeners to slow down and breathe in the presence of God. “Fresh Wind” is a powerful anthem that speaks to the power of the Holy Spirit, while “King of Glory” is a triumphant song that proclaims the majesty of God.

Throughout the album, the lyrics are a powerful testament to the band’s faith and commitment to God. The songs are full of hope, encouragement, and inspiration, and are a reminder that even in the midst of life’s challenges, God is always with us.

One of the standout features of this album is the quality of the production. The sound is polished and professional, with a mix of guitars, drums, and vocals that blend seamlessly together. The production quality is a testament to the band’s commitment to excellence, and it makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

Overall, Team Night is an excellent addition to Hillsong Worship’s catalog of music. It is a powerful and inspiring collection of songs that will encourage and uplift listeners. The album is a celebration of faith and unity, and it is a testament to the power of worship. If you are a fan of Christian music, or if you are looking for a powerful source of inspiration and encouragement, then this album is definitely worth checking out.

List Of Tracks: Team Night By Hillsong Worship

1. That’s the Power (ft Brooke Ligertwood) DOWNLOAD
2. Clean (+ spontaneous) (ft TAYA) DOWNLOAD
3. Resurrender (ft. Aodhan King) DOWNLOAD
4. On Repeat / All to Him (ft Jad Gillies) DOWNLOAD
5. Secret Place / Goodness of God (ft Chris Davenport) DOWNLOAD
6. Never Walk Alone (ft TAYA) DOWNLOAD
7. Waiting Here For You (ft Jad Gillies) DOWNLOAD
8. Eagle’s Wings (ft Brooke Ligertwood) DOWNLOAD
9. A Thousand Hallelujahs / I (We) Exalt Thee (ft Jad Gillies) DOWNLOAD
10. Hope of the Ages (ft Jad Gillies) DOWNLOAD