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Hillsong Worship – The First And The Last


In the year 2009, the Christian music group known as Hillsong Worship released a gospel song called “The First And The Last”. The song became an instant hit when it was released and was on the lips of many music listeners.

“The First And The Last” is one of the most enchanting records that made up Hillsong Worship’s sensational studio album tagged, ‘Faith + Hope + Love’, which houses thirteen super exciting records, starring top-tier Christian musical artists, who actually gave in their best for the successful release of the project.

The song, “The First And The Last”, which happens to be the opening track of the album, will continue to linger on the playlist of Hillsong Worship’s fans. Please kindly listen to this phenomenal tune and also ensure you share it with other music folks out there.

You can’t afford to miss out on a chance to enjoy this soul-lifting song Listen, Download Hillsong Worship – The First And The Last Audio & Don’t forget to Share your thoughts using the comment box below



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The First And The Last Lyrics by Hillsong Worship

You are the first and the last
Beginning and the end
The promise of one who’s to come
The future is in your hands
Calling the light with all the earth we will sing

You are the author of love
Our freedom is in your name
Embracing the cross there for us
Brought us to life again
Calling the love with all we are let us sing

God our hope and our salvation
Worthy of all the praise
Be our light everlasting
Great is your name
Jesus the first and the last

Show us the way of your love
Lead us towards the truth
Stir up the fire in us
To live out this life for you
Calling your name Jesus forever we’ll sing


Every heart every nation will hear the sound
As the light breaks through the darkness and your name rings loud
Every distant horizon will meet as one
Singing holy is your name we sing holy is your name.

You are the first and the last, you are
You’re the alpha and omega the beginning and the end
Our salvation you bring freedom god your grace it knows no end
You’re the name above all names the lamb that was slain you are yeah
The first and the last. you are the first and the last.