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Download Hillsong Worship There Is More Full Album

Album Artist: Hillsong Worship

Album Title: There Is More Full Album

Released Year: 2018

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 17 Tracks

Hillsong Worship, one of the world’s most prominent Christian music groups, recently released their latest album, “There is More,” on April 6, 2018. The album features 17 tracks, showcasing the group’s signature sound of uplifting worship music with powerful lyrics.

One of the unique features of “There is More” is the inclusion of several spoken-word pieces, which serve as interludes between some of the songs. These pieces provide a reflective pause in the midst of the album’s energetic worship songs, allowing listeners to meditate on the album’s overarching message of hope and faith.

The album’s title, “There is More,” speaks to the idea that no matter where we are in our spiritual journey, there is always more to discover about God and His plan for our lives. The album’s lyrics encourage listeners to keep pressing forward and seeking God, even when the journey is difficult.

“There is More” is a beautiful and uplifting album that showcases Hillsong Worship’s talent for crafting powerful and inspiring worship music. With its combination of energetic anthems and reflective interludes, the album is sure to resonate with listeners who are seeking a deeper connection with God.

List of Tracks: One Place by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

1. Who You Say I Am DOWNLOAD
2. You Are Life DOWNLOAD
3. The Passion DOWNLOAD
4. God So Loved DOWNLOAD
5. Be Still DOWNLOAD
6. Remembrance DOWNLOAD
7. Valentine DOWNLOAD
8. Touch of Heaven DOWNLOAD
9. Lettered Love DOWNLOAD
10. The Lord’s Prayer DOWNLOAD
11. New Wine DOWNLOAD 
12. So Will I (100 Billion X) DOWNLOAD 
13. Seasons DOWNLOAD 
14. Nothing Else DOWNLOAD 
15. Selah DOWNLOAD 
16. Another in the Fire DOWNLOAD 
17.  Wonder DOWNLOAD