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J Moss – Afraid


J Moss, an American recording artist has unlocked another ravishing tune tagged, Afraid.

Award-winning American gospel songster, James Moss professionally known as J Moss delivers a new sparkling remedy tagged, Afraid, which is very fascinating and pleasing to the ears. The song which was released in the year 2007 follows up after multiple single releases from him.

James Moss, better known by his stage name J. Moss, is an American gospel musician, composer, producer, arranger, and one of the loved gospel hitmakers, dominating the American music scene and has continued to create a global presence with accomplishments.
Afraid is another tremendous entry from J Moss to enjoy and feel good, with lovely instrumentals accompanied by his enticing vocals. The song is the 9th track of his second album captioned, “V2”, which houses a total number of fourteen tracks starring brilliant gospel songsters and songstresses.

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Afraid Lyrics by J Moss

Not gonna be afraid no more
Fear don’t live here no more
Not gonna be afraid no more
Pain just walked out that door
That spirit ain’t here with me
God didn’t put that in me
He put the spirit of power and love and of sound mind, sound mind

[Verse 1:]
Wakin’ up everyday thinking what I’m gonna pay with the money I made, made
Thinkin’ what I’m gone say when the wife ask me where the money we saved, saved
Usin’ loot from the gas bill to pay the rent, more loot from the light bill I spent
Don’t wanna get the phone cause it just keep ringin’, ringin’
A lot or things through the mail got me thinkin’ I can make it if I use more debt, debt
Get a refi on the crib but the loan man keep sayin’ not yet, yet
I rob Peter, make a deal with Paul, prayin’ that pink slip don’t fall
Brotha ain’t got time too much on the grind I’mma let it go trust God let Him know


[Verse 2:]
Seems like everyday somethin’ worse poppin’ up on the news report, port
Should I keep the kids home from school, should I stay away from the airport, port
They using fear as a weapon to provoke hate, everybody think the world ain’t a safe place
Don’t wanna use the phone cause it might be… shh somebody’s listening
A lot of views got me all confused and I don’t really know what to think
(We got)conservatives, liberals, activist, spiritual hypocrites on the brink(no offense)
On nations deadly call results in another nations fall
People ain’t got time too much on the grind we gone let it go trust God let Him know


[Verse 3:]
Gas up through the roof and I just bought a Hummer and convertible coupe(what!)
Tryna keep a little juice in the boose and the trunk but my loot in use
PAJAM’s workin’ overtime keepin’ hope alive keeping Moss in the ministry and public eye
But hypothetically what happens if the phone stops ringin’

This my belief(not gonna be afraid no more)
Of poverty(not gonna be afraid no more)
Not lossin’ sleep(not gonna be afraid no more)
Of running out of money(not gonna be afraid no more)
Racism(not gonna be afraid no more)
Terrorism(not gonna be afraid no more)
Brotha ain’t got time too much on the grind I’mma let it go trust God let Him know

[Chorus x2]

PAJAM, J Moss, we ain’t never scared. Shake yourself up. If you got God on your side, you ain’t got nothing to be scared of.