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Jermaine Edwards – Dont Count Me Out [Full Album]


Jamaican gospel singer Jermaine Edwards’ dexterous studio album, “Don’t Count Me Out,” is a collection of 16 powerful and uplifting songs that encourages listeners to persevere through difficult times and never give up on their dreams. Edwards’ emotive vocals and delivery are at the forefront of the album, and the messages of hope and self-belief resonate throughout the record.

The track, “Don’t Count Me Out,” sets the tone for the rest of the album with its powerful message of determination and perseverance. Other standout tracks include “Fight” and “Beautiful Day,” which offer encouragement and inspiration to listeners.

“Control My Mind” is another powerful track that showcases Edwards’ ability to connect with his audience, delivering a message of hope and empowerment. This song brings an uplifting message, it can help the listener to appreciate the small things in life, be grateful and see the glass half full.

Overall, “Don’t Count Me Out” is an album that offers a message of hope and perseverance, with Edwards’ emotive vocals and powerful lyrics resonating with gospel music fans of all ages. The album is made up of 16 tracks which provide a comprehensive musical journey that deliver powerful messages of hope and perseverance to the listeners.

List of Tracks: Dont Count Me Out Album By Jermaine Edwards

Track Number Tracks
1. Fight
2. Repentance Song
3. Heart Like Yours
4. Dont Count Me Out
5. Beautiful Day
6. Nah Mek (feat. Rondell Positive)
7. Wont Stop Me
8. Control My Mind
9. Number One
10. Bow and Worship
11. Hallelujah
12. On My Knees
13. Love Endureth
14. Rise Up
15. Thank You
16. Beautiful Day (Reprise)