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Download Joe Praize – Most High Full Album

Album Artist: Joe Praize

Album Title: Most High Full Album

Released Year: 2015

Country: Nigeria

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 20 Tracks

Download Joe Praize Most High Album: In 2015, Joe Praize, a well-known Nigerian gospel artist, released his studio album titled “Most High.” The album featured a number of prominent musicians including Mercy Chinwo, Nosa, Victor Ike, Gil Joe, TB1, Protek Illasheva, Jerry Moses, and Nolly.

“Most High” is an album by Joe Praize, a Nigerian gospel music singer, songwriter and music producer. The album was released in 2016 and consists of 13 tracks. Each track on the album carries a message of hope, faith and love, with the title track ‘Most High’ in particular emphasizing the greatness of God’s power and love.

As with many gospel albums, “Most High” features a mix of upbeat, praise-oriented songs and more contemplative, worshipful ballads. The album is characterized by Praize’s powerful and emotive vocals, which are accompanied by a rich array of instruments, including guitars, pianos, and drums. The production is excellent and features a good balance of live instruments and programmed elements.

List of Tracks: Most High Album By Joe Praize

Track Number Tracks
1. Only You
2. Most High
3. How Great You Are
4. Faithful God
5. Unchangeable
6. Iyanu
7. For You
8. My Love Song
9. All over Me
10. Done Me Well
11. New Day
12. More Than the World
13. All over the World
14. Grace and Favour
15. No One Like Jehovah
16. Put on Your Light
17. My Wife (Wedding Song)
18. Bulieya
19. Correct
20. Favour

One of the songs that stand out on the album is ‘How Great You Are’ which is a powerful gospel song of worship, it has since became an anthem in many churches worldwide. The album has a collection of noteworthy tracks that are worth a listen.