Download Jon Keith – The Bridge ft Torey DShaun

Artist: Jon Keith

Track Title: The Bridge ft Torey DShaun

Featured Artist(s): Torey DShaun

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2023

Album Name: Eremos (17 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

And here we have the song “The Bridge” by the American Christian rapper and singer, Jon Keith featuring Torey D’Shaun.

Still doing what he knows best, Jon Keith dropped another interesting piece of music captioned “The Bridge” alongside Torey D’Shaun. It was recorded and released in 2023 through RMG Amplify. It’s said to be one of the tracks off his new offering “Eremos” an album of fourteen tracks.
Jon Keith released his 2023 studio album “Eremos” after the successful release of “SUMMERTIME IN THE VLLG (2021)”. The new offering was released through RMG Amplify (under an exclusive license from Jon Keith).

Eremos is another great and well-curated body of work that is made of Hip-hop and Dance. It houses a number of seventeen tracks and features guest appearances from nobigdyl, KB, Andy Mineo, 1K Phew, Aaron Cole, Parris Chariz, Torey D’Shaun, Lecrae, Wande, Torey D’Shaun, and Jude Barclay whose services are highly and generally acknowledged.

The song “The Bridge” from the project appeared as the very 9th track that will surely be worth a perfect place in your favourtite music playlist… Trust me, you won’t like to miss it!!!

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Video: Jon Keith – The Bridge ft Torey D’Shaun

The Bridge Lyrics By Jon Keith

[Intro: Jon Keith]
Where is God when I’m tryin’ to take my life?
It’s only a matter of time

[Verse 1: Jon Keith]
There he is, there he was
Lost boy, king’s son
Make ’em sing, make ’em feel some’in
Write until your pen break
Or screen crack to heal some’in
I’m not better
I was eleven the first time I thought to take my life
That’s too young for that
Something in my head ain’t right
At 24 maybe my chemicals’ off
It’s in my DNA, my heritage off
So who’s to blame for that?
Who can I aim it at?
Jesus took the weight for that
But how long can I wait for that
I’m sick of lyin’
They told me time flies, I think it glides
I’m only closer to the ground as it passes me by
I found a funny video, was me as a child
But I remember that day, that boy was suicidal
That boy was closer to the edge than he’d been in a while
He planned to throw himself from a bridge after handing out smiles
If you ask him, he’d say he’s fine with his hand on the word
He might’ve told you that he was tired, exhausted from work
He might’ve said he felt out of place with his fam or church
But he meant he felt out of place bein’ alive on this earth, yeah

[Chorus: Torey D’Shaun]
I know this life is fragrant
We all got used to fakin’ it
I thought that I could take it
I guess the truth is, dangerous
Don’t cry, don’t cry
Deny, deny, deny
Can’t let them, don’t let ’em
Don’t let them see

[Verse 2: Jon Keith]
Truth is, sometimes I pray that melatonin works at speed of light
So I can say I ain’t had no thoughts of endin’ it tonight
So I can say that I was fast asleep in God’s hand
Therapy can’t work for me, how could I trust another man
Yeah, satan must’ve thought he hit a gold mine
Because I hated me like he hated me the whole time
Accepted everything that he would say to me with no qualms
Actin’ like he’s the one that painted me
I, I know God is walkin’ with me
But depression ain’t disappearing ’cause He is not Houdini
Don’t tell me that He ain’t there just ’cause you see me bleeding
You keep talkin’ like you see through me
Then you gon’ have to see me, for real
True hope comes in darkest places
‘Cause when I made my bed in hell he was face to face
And so I tatted [?] that’s my invitation
I know HIs presence always thick
It’s in the thinnest spaces
Yeah but I’m still here
Still healin’, I’m still hurtin’
That kid somewhere that been on the edge, remind me it’s worth it
We fightin’ lions, walkin’ on ropes, we live at the circus
But Jesus chose to die so I wouldn’t
I’m here on purpose, yeah

[Outro: Jon Keith]
Now I bow my head and pray
Father listen to the pain
Thank You for all of Your grace on me
One day I’ll be okay (Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay)
Show me one day I’ll be okay (Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay)
Oh, I know now one day I’ll be okay