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Released Year: 2004

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 11 Tracks

Download Michael W Smith Healing Rain Album: On October 26, 2004, the American gospel singer, Michael W. Smith unveiled his award-winning studio album captioned “Healing Rain” for the delightful listening of the music community. The project which bagged eleven invigorating entries features no guest appearances.

Producers on the “Healing Rain” body of work includes; TY Mix, Sarz, Dakta Frabz, Terry G , Ikon and Heavy L Beatz. Listen and enjoy all tracks and this project below.

Michael W. Smith, a renowned American artist, has captivated audiences for decades with his heartfelt music and inspirational lyrics. With numerous albums under his belt, one record that stands out in his remarkable discography is “Healing Rain.” Released on October 26, 2004, through the Provident Label Group, LLC, this album has left an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners across the country.

“Healing Rain” comprises eleven captivating tracks, each thoughtfully crafted to touch the soul and evoke a sense of spiritual healing. From start to finish, the album takes listeners on a profound journey, combining Smith’s exceptional musicality and poignant lyrics.

Clocking in at approximately 50 minutes, “Healing Rain” offers a generous listening experience. The title track, “Healing Rain,” sets the tone for the entire album, enveloping listeners in a sense of tranquility and hope. With Smith’s signature blend of contemporary Christian and pop sounds, the song encapsulates the essence of seeking solace and finding strength in divine intervention.

Released during a time when the world sought solace and healing, “Healing Rain” arrived as a beacon of hope. It not only delivered Smith’s signature sound but also provided a sanctuary for listeners to find peace amid the storm. The album’s profound impact is a testament to Smith’s ability to connect with his audience on a deeply personal and spiritual level.

List Of Tracks: Healing Rain By Michael W. Smith

  1. Here I Am
  2. Healing Rain
  3. Live Forever
  4. Hang On
  5. Fly to the Moon
  6. Human Spark
  7. We Can’t Wait Any Longer
  8. I Am Love
  9. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  10. Eagles Fly
  11. All I Want