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Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 1986

Album Name: The Big Picture (11 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Presenting to you the remarkable song “Rocketown” by the renowned American gospel musician, Michael W. Smith.

“Rocketown” is an exciting melody crafted by Michael W. Smith with the intention of bringing joy to his fans and music enthusiasts alike. Released in 1986, this extraordinary composition showcases Michael W. Smith’s exceptional talent and leaves a lasting impression on all who listen.

With its stunning and dazzling quality, “Rocketown” exemplifies Michael W. Smith’s ability to consistently deliver uplifting vibes. As the fifth track on his studio album, “The Big Picture,” this magnificent harmony is nestled within a collection of exceptional musical creations.

Prepare to be enthralled by the captivating allure of “Rocketown,” a piece of music that is destined to captivate and resonate with all who lend their ears. It embodies the essence of Michael W. Smith’s dedication to crafting inspiring and enjoyable tunes for his audience.

So, allow yourself to be swept away by the brilliance of “Rocketown” and immerse yourself in the euphoria it brings. Experience the magic that lies within the album “The Big Picture” as you embrace the remarkable musical journey that awaits.

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Video: Michael W. Smith – Rocketown

Rocketown Lyrics By Michael W. Smith

A Friday night affair
Out in the city heat
Always a party there
Along the sordid street
And it was guaranteed
The place to be was Rocketown

The drinks were two for one
Inside the crowded bars
The girls would make their run
Down on the boulevard
It was the idol place
We lived the ways of Rocketown
Hang around by the street light
In the heart of the night life

There came a certain man
A stranger to the crowd
We didn’t understand
What he was all about
He walked a different pace
So out of place in Rocketown
They made a fool of him
They teased him when he’s speak
But when they knocked him down
He turned the other cheek
He told me I could find
A life outside of Rocketown
Hang around by the street light
In the heart of the night life

What was his mission
Where was he going
Why was his heart light always glowing
All I was missing
He stood there holding
What was his secret
Could I know it

Some didn’t like him near
Some laughed and turned away
But me, I longed to hear
All that he had to say
He had a peace of mind
I couldn’t find in Rocketown
And when I reached down inside me
I could feel the emptiness

He said it’s in the heart
This change that comes to be
Now he had done his part
The choice was up to me
As we were standing there
He said a prayer for Rocketown
As we were standing there
He said a prayer for Rocketown

He walked off silently
And prayed for me
And Rocketown…