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Holy Drill – Yeshua


In 2022, Holy Drill graced the music scene with their remarkable rendition of the timeless anthem, ‘Yeshua,’ originally recorded by Jesus Image Worship. This captivating cover breathes new life into the powerful worship song, captivating listeners with its heartfelt delivery.

‘Yeshua’ is a song that exalts the name of Jesus and celebrates His saving grace. With its profound lyrics and stirring melody, the song invites believers to embrace the presence of God and find solace in His unconditional love. Holy Drill’s rendition adds a fresh perspective to the composition, infusing it with their unique musical style.

The vocal prowess of Holy Drill shines brightly throughout the song. Their harmonies soar effortlessly, creating a transcendent atmosphere that resonates deeply with listeners. The raw emotion and unwavering passion in their delivery reflect the deep reverence they have for the original message of the song.

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