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Download Natalie Grant – Awaken Full Album

Album Artist: Natalie Grant

Album Title: Awaken Full Album

Released Year: 2005

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 13 Tracks

Download Natalie Grant Awaken Album: Renowned American gospel singer, Natalie Grant released this miraculous studio album which she calls, Awaken. It was discharged in the year 2005, consisting of thirteen remarkable tracks, written and recorded by Natalie Grant, published under the imprint of Curb Productions, Inc. Check out the tracks below.

Natalie Grant’s debut album, “Awaken,” captivated listeners with its powerful lyrics and soaring vocals upon its release on March 22, 2005. Hailing from America, Grant established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary Christian music scene with this remarkable collection of songs. Comprising 13 tracks, the album boasts a runtime of 54 minutes, taking listeners on a heartfelt journey of faith, hope, and redemption.

With “Awaken,” Natalie Grant showcases her extraordinary vocal range and emotive delivery, captivating listeners from the very first note. The album’s imprint on Curb Records, Inc. speaks to the artist’s dedication to creating a polished and impactful sound. Each track on the album is a testament to Grant’s ability to craft engaging melodies and pair them with meaningful, introspective lyrics.

Throughout “Awaken,” Natalie Grant explores themes of spiritual awakening and personal transformation. The album’s standout tracks, such as the soul-stirring ballad “Held” and the anthemic “Awaken,” resonate deeply with listeners, inviting them to reflect on their own spiritual journey. Grant’s heartfelt performances and the album’s impeccable production make “Awaken” an essential addition to any Christian music collection, cementing Natalie Grant’s place as a talented and inspiring artist.

In conclusion, Natalie Grant’s debut album, “Awaken,” released in 2005 under the imprint of Curb Records, Inc., is a captivating and inspiring collection of 13 tracks that beautifully blend poignant lyrics with Grant’s powerhouse vocals. With a runtime of 54 minutes, the album takes listeners on a journey of faith and personal growth. Grant’s ability to deliver emotive performances and the album’s polished production make “Awaken” a timeless contribution to the contemporary Christian music genre.

List Of Tracks: Awaken By Natalie Grant

  1. Intro (The Awakening)
  2. Awaken
  3. Something Beautiful
  4. What Are You Waiting For
  5. The Real Me
  6. Another Day
  7. Home
  8. Captured
  9. Held
  10. You Move Me
  11. Make Me Over
  12. Live for Today
  13. Bring It All Together (Featuring Wynonna Judd)