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Download Nathaniel Bassey – The Son Of God (amp; Imela) Full Album

Album Artist: Nathaniel Bassey

Album Title: The Son Of God (amp; Imela) Full Album

Released Year: 2014

Country: Nigeria

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 14 Tracks

Download Nathaniel Bassey The Son Of God (& Imela) Album: Nathaniel Bassey is a name synonymous with gospel music in Nigeria. His unique blend of African rhythms and contemporary gospel music has made him a household name in the gospel music stream. His unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel message through Gospel music has stirred up hunger for God in the lives of many and has made him a role model to up-and-coming gospel artists in the country and beyond.

Dated 12th December 2014, Nathaniel Bassey released his noteworthy album, The Son Of God (& Imela). This album introduces a perspective in his musical prowess and cemented his place as a most sought after and also the leading gospel artists in Nigeria. The album was a collection of fourteen well-composed worship tracks that outdoors Nathaniel’s dexterous abilities.

One of the key aspects of Nathaniel Bassey’s music is his ability to collaborate with other artists in the industry. On this album, he teamed up with the following artists to create a masterpiece: Cindy Palsey, Mayra Alvarez, Morayo, Enitan Adaba and Lovesong. These collaborations added to the diversity of the album, making it an enjoyable listen for all.

The Son Of God (& Imela) was a breakthrough album for Nathaniel Bassey and it quickly gained recognition from gospel music fans all over the world. The album was well-received by fans, who were impressed with the quality of the tracks, and by music critics, who praised Nathaniel’s ability to create a unique and innovative sound. This album remains a classic and a benchmark for gospel music in Nigeria.

List of Tracks: The Son Of God (& Imela) Album By Nathaniel Bassey

Track Number Tracks
1. We Bless Your Name
2. The Son of God
3. I Know You Are Here
4. You Deserve the Glory / No One
5. Casting Crowns
6. I Believe in You (feat. Cindy Pasley)
7. Waiting
8. Jesus (feat. Mayra Alvarez)
9. Imela (feat. Enitan Adaba)
10. So Amazing
11. God of Love (feat. Mayra Alvarez & Morayo)
12. Come, Lord Come
13. No Other God (feat. Lovesong)
14. Take Your Glory