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Released Year: 1995

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 17 Tracks

Download Paul Wilbur Shalom Jerusalem Album: Respected American Christian singer, Paul Wilbur drops this wonderful project named, Shalom Jerusalem.

It was in the year 1995 that this remarkable project was unveiled for the listening delight of his fans. It bagged seventeen wonderful tracks featuring no guest artists. This particular project gained Paul Wilbur totally recognition in the music scene, published under the imprint of Integrity Music.

In the vast landscape of Christian worship music, few albums have resonated as deeply and enduringly as Paul Wilbur’s “Shalom Jerusalem.” Released in 1995 under the imprint of Integrity Music, this album continues to captivate hearts and minds with its powerful melodies and poignant lyrics.

Paul Wilbur, an American artist, masterfully crafted “Shalom Jerusalem” as a tribute to the rich spiritual heritage of Israel and its eternal capital. With its profound message of peace, unity, and divine presence, the album takes listeners on a transformative journey of worship and reflection.

Featuring a remarkable collection of 17 tracks, “Shalom Jerusalem” showcases Wilbur’s versatile vocal range and his ability to blend various musical elements seamlessly. From the exuberant celebratory tunes like “Baruch Haba” to the soul-stirring ballads such as “For Your Name is Holy,” each song carries an unmistakable sense of reverence and awe.

List Of Tracks: Shalom Jerusalem Album By Paul Wilbur

  1. Introit – Jerusalem of Gold / Ma Tovu (O How Good)
  2. I Lift Up My Eyes
  3. Up To Jerusalem
  4. Shouts of Joy
  5. Sing For Joy in the Lord
  6. Shouts of Joy (Reprise)
  7. Roni, Roni, Bat Zion
  8. Where Does My Help Come From (Medley)
  9. Hinei Ma Tov
  10. Sing Hallelujah
  11. Stand Up and Give Him the Praise
  12. Baruch Haba
  13. Ma Tovu
  14. In Your Presence, O God
  15. Wonderful One
  16. Shalom Jerusalem
  17. Lord, Take Up Your Holy Throne