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Phil Thompson – My Worship [Full Album]


Download Phil Thompson My Worship Album: Phil Thompson released a dexterous studio album “My Worship” after the release of some mind-blowing singles. The project was released through Phil Thompson Worship under an exclusive license to the beloved gospel music maestro.

My Worship is a phenomenal body of work that houses a number of eleven tracks and features guest appearances from ward-winning singers within the gospel music stream which include; Nia Allen and Shana Wilson. A project in which Phil Thompson still maintains his unique style of music. and showcases the high echelon of his music capabilities.

In 2018, Thompson released his debut album, “My Worship”, which quickly garnered critical acclaim and widespread popularity. The album features a range of heartfelt, spirit-filled tracks that explore themes of faith, love, and redemption, and has been praised for its authenticity and raw emotion.

Since then, Thompson has become a fixture on the gospel music scene, performing at venues and events around the world and earning a dedicated following of fans. His music has been featured on a number of popular Christian radio stations and playlists, and his videos have amassed millions of views on YouTube.

Check the full tracks below!!!

List Of Tracks: My Worship Album By Phil Thompson

  1. Chasing Your Glory
  2. My Worship
  3. The Ultimate ft Shana Wilson
  4. Home Away from Home
  5. You Love Good
  6. Light the Way
  7. The Lord’s Prayer
  8. Love Lifted Me
  9. The Maze ft Nia Allen
  10. Red Blanket Prelude
  11. Red Blanket (When Times Got Hard)