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Released Year: 1998

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 12 Tracks

Download Ron Kenoly Majesty Album: In the vast realm of gospel music, few names shine as brightly as Ron Kenoly. A highly esteemed American gospel musician and performer, Ron Kenoly has consistently graced the world with his soul-stirring melodies and uplifting lyrics.

Amongst his most enchanting bodies of work, “Majesty,” was released in 1998 under the revered imprint of Integrity Music. With twelve awe-inspiring compositions, this album stands as a timeless masterpiece, resonating with audiences across generations.

“Majesty” encapsulates adoration in its purest form. Throughout the album, Ron Kenoly’s steadfast commitment and enthusiasm for God create an atmosphere of reverence and wonder. Each song contains a meaningful message that allows listeners to connect profoundly with their faith and feel God’s presence.

List Of Tracks: Majesty Album By Ron Kenoly

  1. Majesty
  2. We Declare That the Kingdom of God Is Here
  3. Glory Be to Jesus
  4. Hallelujah to the King of Kings
  5. The King of Kings Is Coming
  6. Return to Righteousness America
  7. In Righteousness You Reign
  8. Highest Place
  9. This Kingdom
  10. I Bow My Knee
  11. We Shall Behold Him
  12. Hallelujah (Reprise)