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Spirit Of Prophecy – Eh Yah Yah (Drill Refix)


Gospel music enthusiasts have something to rejoice about as the renowned choir group, Spirit of Prophecy, releases their latest track titled “Eh Yah Yah (Drill Refix).” The gospel singers, hailing from the RCCG Living Church in Lagos, have once again showcased their exceptional talent and dedication to spreading the message of faith through their music.

The song, released in 2023, combines the powerful and soul-stirring lyrics of gospel music with the energetic and infectious beats of the drill genre. “Eh Yah Yah (Drill Refix)” is a unique fusion that not only captivates listeners but also breaks down barriers between different musical styles. Spirit of Prophecy demonstrates their willingness to adapt and embrace new sounds while staying true to their gospel roots.

The choir’s impeccable vocal harmonies and heartfelt delivery bring the lyrics to life, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts of their audience. With “Eh Yah Yah (Drill Refix),” Spirit of Prophecy continues to inspire and uplift listeners, reminding them of the everlasting love and grace of a higher power. This new release serves as a testament to the group’s unwavering commitment to using their musical gifts to spread the message of hope, faith, and joy to all who hear it.

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