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Download Tasha Cobb Leonard – The Church I Grew Up In (Intro)

Artist: Tasha Cobb Leonard

Track Title: The Church I Grew Up In (Intro)

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2022

Album Name: HYMNS (24 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Listen to this soulful catalog titled The Church I Grew Up In (Intro), written and recorded by renowned American singer Tasha Cobb Leonard. The song will surely lift one’s spirit to the supreme deity. Coming in 2022.

Tasha Cobb Leonard uses this song to open her music account for 2022 after a brief glimpse into her music scene. This song is really worth listening to and will give hope and a smile to everyone who cares about this song.
Tasha Cobb Leonard is a household name in her sector of American gospel music, and her name comes to mind whenever we hear tracks like: ‘Break Every Chain’. Many songs have been credited to her.

Singer-songwriter Tasha Cobb Leonard helped shape the gospel voice in America with her soul-stirring voice and her unique blend of contemporary genres.

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Video: Tasha Cobb Leonard – The Church I Grew Up In (Intro)

Tasha Cobb Leonard The Church I Grew Up In (Intro) Lyrics

When I was ten years old, my father was called to lead a ministry, to start a church. And we started in a little small town. It probably was, how many people live in Scriven? Maybe 450. Not 450 thousand. 450 people okay

And there was this building. We were in an organization, and they gave him this building. That when we pulled up. My mother’s kind of petty y’all. She was pretty much like, oh, yeah, they can tear this down. Yes this is, we need to go back and Jessup

But my father, he looked at this dilapidated building. It didn’t have bathrooms, it didn’t have offices, no windows. He looked at it and he saw a promise, he saw a vision. And I remember coming home every day from school. They would reroute us coming home from school and send people to come pick us up from school and drive us over this Scriven for months

For months we would do this, and we would do our school work. My father was a carpenter, and we would do our schoolwork as they would build this church from nothing, making it into a sanctuary. And I remember him building the doors, installing windows, and creating a bathroom, creating a fellowship hall. The sanctuary is at about 50 people, maybe. And I remember him, some days we were coming in from school when my father had, like he would wear, like, robes or blankets over his head, and he would be laying in the floor, praying in the floor with a robe of clothes

He would be clothed over his head, praying for the power of God to meet his people. We started with seven, seven adults and seven children. And I remember us being in Bible study and people would be delivered and set free. We would come in and we have moments of prayer with seven people, that God would you create something that changes lives in this room. And again, as a ten-year-old girl, I’m watching because my father, Bishop Murphy, tell us all the time that much is taught, but most is caught

And I was catching intercession. I was catching how to invoke the presence of God and how to invoke a move of God. That’s the church I grew up in. And God’s church is still alive today. I said, God’s church is still alive today

The miracles I saw then, it gave me the faith to believe in the miracles that God is doing now. God’s church is still alive. This song is called The Church I Grew Up In