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Download Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Heart Passion Pursuit Full Album

Album Artist: Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Album Title: Heart Passion Pursuit Full Album

Released Year: 2017

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 10 Tracks

Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s album “Heart. Passion. Pursuit.” is a powerful and soulful collection of gospel tracks that was released in 2017. The album features a range of upbeat and emotional songs that showcase Tasha’s incredible vocal range and powerful songwriting skills.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Your Spirit”, a high-energy, gospel-infused song that showcases Tasha’s powerful vocals and her ability to create a truly uplifting and inspiring track. The lyrics of the song emphasize the importance of having a strong spiritual connection, and the impact it can have on our lives.

Another highlight of the album is “Great God”, a slow and soulful ballad that showcases Tasha’s emotional delivery and her ability to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level. The song is a testament to Tasha’s commitment to her faith and her unwavering belief in a higher power.

“Gracefully Broken” is another standout track on the album. The song features a haunting melody and powerful lyrics that explore the idea of surrendering our lives to a higher power and trusting in the journey that we’re on. This song is a testament to Tasha’s deep spiritual connection and her unwavering faith.

The album also features several duets, including “I’m Getting Ready” with Nicki Minaj and “Joy Of The Lord” with Pastor Tom Shirley. These tracks showcase Tasha’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create powerful, gospel-infused tracks that are sure to inspire listeners.

List of Tracks: Heart Passion Pursuit by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

1. The Name Of Our God DOWNLOAD
2. The River Of The Lord DOWNLOAD
3. Wonderful Grace DOWNLOAD
4. Gracefully Broken DOWNLOAD
5. Great God DOWNLOAD
6. Forever At Your Feet DOWNLOAD
7. You Know My Name DOWNLOAD
8. I’m Getting Ready DOWNLOAD
9. Your Spirit DOWNLOAD
10. Dove’s Eyes