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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – Building


In the harmonious symphony that is The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s album “You’re My Praise,” the track “Building” emerges as a stirring anthem that resonates with the essence of resilience and unwavering faith. Unveiled in 2022, this song serves as a sonic cornerstone, grounding listeners in the power of spiritual strength and collective unity.

“Building” stands as a testament to the choir’s extraordinary ability to craft music that not only uplifts but also imparts a profound message. With lyrics that echo themes of growth, determination, and the construction of a meaningful life, the song strikes a chord that reverberates deep within the hearts of those who listen. As the choir’s voices blend seamlessly, they craft an auditory tapestry that mirrors the intricate weaving of our life experiences. Each note, each lyric, becomes a brick in the foundation of a journey guided by faith.

This track resonates as an embodiment of the album’s overarching theme of praise. “Building” serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that our lives are a journey of continual growth and evolution. Through the ups and downs, the song underscores the importance of nurturing our spiritual foundations, just as a building requires solid groundwork. As the listener is enveloped by the choir’s harmonies, a sense of empowerment and hope emerges, urging us to forge ahead with determination and an unbreakable spirit.

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