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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – Favorite Song of All [Full Album]


In the ever-evolving landscape of music, certain albums stand as eternal pillars of inspiration and spiritual solace. Released in 1996, “Favorite Song of All” by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is a luminous gem that continues to touch hearts and uplift souls across generations. Comprising 13 soul-stirring tracks and spanning a captivating 58 minutes, this album transports listeners to a realm of transcendent worship and devotion.

From the moment the first notes resound, “Favorite Song of All” unfurls its intricate tapestry of harmonies, led by the unmatched vocal prowess of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Each song is a poignant journey, artfully weaving melodies that evoke profound emotions and stir a deep connection to faith. With a diverse array of tracks ranging from tender ballads to rousing anthems, the album creates a holistic experience that resonates with both the joyful and introspective aspects of spirituality.

As the years have passed since its release, “Favorite Song of All” has not only maintained its magnetic allure but has also become a cornerstone of Christian music. The album’s ability to traverse the boundaries of time and connect with the hearts of listeners underscores its enduring significance in the realm of worship.

List Of Tracks: Favorite Song of All Album By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

1. Favorite Song of All ft Charles Allen

2. He’ll Welcome Me ft Pam Pettway

3. Use Me ft Cynthia Greene

4. Testimony

5. Hevenu Shalom Aleichem ft Charles Allen

6. How Long Has It Been ft Robin Giles

7. Calvary Came Through ft Chuck Sullivan

8. Heaven Medley ft Pam Pettway

9. Order My Steps ft Kevin Lewis

10. Still I Will Trust You ft Susan Quintyne

11. God Is Moving by His Spirit

12. Field of Souls ft Calvin Hunt

13. Jesus We Crown You With Praise ft Susan Pettrey