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Download The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – This Is Your House Full Album

Album Artist: The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Album Title: This Is Your House Full Album

Released Year: 2003

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 19 Tracks

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s album “This Is Your House,” released on September 23, 2003, stands as a powerful testament to the choir’s exceptional vocal prowess and their deep spiritual connection. Under the banner of ℗ 2003 Brooklyn Tabernacle Music, this album captures the essence of worship and devotion, resonating with listeners across boundaries. With a blend of uplifting gospel and soul-stirring melodies, “This Is Your House” invites audiences into a sanctuary of sound where every note serves as an offering of praise.

Led by the renowned Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, known for their soulful harmonies and heartfelt performances, this album is a journey through faith and reflection. The choir’s rich vocal dynamics and emotive delivery breathe life into songs that explore themes of God’s presence, love, and the sense of belonging in His house. “This Is Your House” not only showcases the choir’s remarkable musical abilities but also invites listeners to engage in a spiritual experience, creating an atmosphere of worship that reverberates long after the last chord fades. This album is a timeless reminder of the power of music to connect people with their beliefs and foster a sense of unity through shared devotion.

List Of Tracks: This Is Your House Album By The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

1. I Made It (Live) ft Pam Pettway

2. Lord, I Believe in You (Live) ft Karen Melendez Rampersad

3. Jesus I Love You (Live) ft Robin Giles

4. This Is Your House (Live) ft Randy Phillips

5. Danny Velasco’s Testimony (Live)

6. Saved (Live) ft Susan Quintyne

7. Saved (Reprise) (Live) ft Susan Quintyne

8. Keep on Making a Way (Live)

9. Holy Are You Lord (Live) ft Josh Carroll

10. Holy, Holy, Holy (Instrumental)

11. Because of Who You Are (Live) ft Shannon Wexelberg

12. I’m Going With Jesus (Live) ft Robin Giles

13. You Are Holy (Live) ft Paige Strackman

14. Suzan Greaves’ Testimony

15. We Are Not Ashamed (Live) ft Alvin Slaughter & Cynthia Greene

16. They’ll Know We Are Christians (We Are One) [Live] ft Charles Allen & Karen Melendez Rampersad

17. Pastor Remarks (Live)

18. Days of Elijah (Live) ft Paige Strackman

19. Days of Elijah (Reprise) [Live] ft Paige Strackman