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Download Travis Greene Stretching Out Full Album

Album Artist: Travis Greene

Album Title: Stretching Out Full Album

Released Year: 2010

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 14 Tracks

Download Travis Greene Stretching Out Album: Travis Greene inspired so many people backtracking on this project, tagged Stretching Out, dated 2010 when he was at Pendulum Records.

Prominent American songster Travis Greene, cited this sensational project called Stretching His Out, as one of his works that gave him an exposure and advantage in the gospel stream of music. The album, Stretching Out, contains many dexterous contemporary songs that will make you ascend to the posture of praise and worship.

Since Travis Greene’s rise to stardom, the talented singer has been at the top of his game and continues to load his audience’s playlists with good tunes.

List of Tracks: Stretching Out Album By Travis Greene

Track Number Tracks
1. Stretch
2. You Are the One
3. Hope
4. Prove My Love
5. Alive
6. Alive (Reprise)
7. All the Glory
8. Still Here
9. Sing Praises
10. Heaven Is Loud
11. Everything Is Easy
12. I Will Worship
13. Praise Is Waiting (Bonus Track)
14. SaveYa (Bonus Track)